Why to get associated with India’s Most Admired Companies Awards?


Benchmark of Reputation

The title of India’s Most Admired Company serves as a benchmark of reputation and goodwill as these are the characteristics which defines exceptional organizations and helps amplify its confidence to reach out to the society.

Boost Employee Morale

Being a winner, the companies get an opportunity to thank the employees for their valuable contributions, boost their morale and can witness enhanced performance.

Competitive Advantage

The "Most Admired Company" title gives you a chance to stand out from your peers in the industry and enhance your image thereby giving you a huge competitive advantage.

Attract Talent

Helps attract new workforce as undoubtedly anyone would be happy to work for a company which has been admired for its initiatives and outstanding performance.

Increase your Business

The award title & logo can serve instrumental in increasing sales for the companies using the right promotion & marketing mix & also be leveraged help attain a great deal of clients, suppliers, and customers.


The winners will receive extensive exposure through the publicity program designed for the awards, which in return can prove helpful in closing deals & entering new client partnerships.


  1. The winner will be entitled to use the logo of India's Most Admired Companies Award 2021, for next 1 year in all their publicity & marketing material (including brochure, catalogs, hoardings, newspapers & TV Ads) after receiving the award.
  2. A digital certificate with the title of India’s Most Admired Companies Award 2021 will be provided along with the promotional material as soon as you complete the registration formalities once after getting selected.
  3. A media kit including a press release copy, various formats of the logo and banner design to display your achievement in the premises & for marketing / promotional purpose.
  4. A company profile / an article (up to 1000 words) along with your Chairman/MD/CEO’s picture to be published on an International News Portal.
  5. A 2 Min interview AV of your Chairman/MD/CEO to be published on an International News Portal.
  6. 1 min audio-visual clip of the winner company to be publicized through on an International News Portal.
  7. Award recipient logo to be displayed on our awards website with other winners.
  8. Publicity through press release distribution, publicity on social media platforms and other PR activities, to ensure maximum coverage & mileage for the winner companies.